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主标题 Title


X-R是显Xian容Rong首字母缩写,X-RHEA一名取自古希腊神话中的众神之母RHEA,她是奥林匹斯山上最高贵最古老的神祇,也是掌握光阴流逝的女神。从古至今,人们对她的拥趸从未停歇,她是一个时代的精神符号,也是另一个时代的精神向导。 X-RHEA不仅象征着显容的大爱无疆与融合至美的理念,同时也意味着每一次你我在光阴中的相遇都是这世间最美好的重逢。

X-R is the acronym for Xian, the X-RHEA is from the ancient Greek mythology of the god of the gods RHEA, she is the most expensive and oldest god on Mount Olympus, but also the goddess who masters the passage of time. Since ancient times, people have never stopped her fans. She is a spiritual symbol of an era and a spiritual guide for another era. X-RHEA not only symbolizes the concept of great love and integration, but also means that every encounter between you and me is the most beautiful reunion in this world.









2015年我们以“工匠精神”为核心及指导思想。 凭借卓越的技术实力和持续的价值创造,我们已赢得众多世界顶级客户的高度认可。产品远销至日本,欧美等,六年来80%产品出口至日本。截至目前已拥有以世界500强DHC、资生堂、安娜苏、XO等主要客户群体,形成了包括世界领先的化妆品、红酒、钟表及全球领先的食品等高端客户资源的市场格局。我们借助这些优质客户在各行业的影响,不断拓展潜在客户,逐步扩大和强化我们的品牌优势及在行业内的影响力。 

Shanghai Xianrong Packaging Co., Ltd. is an integrated service provider integrating design and production, focusing on the development and production of various luxury packaging. We have an efficient operation management team, 10 core members with many years of experience in the field of high-end packaging, 20 craft technicians with more than ten years of experience and 200 skilled industry colleagues.


Since its inception in 2008, we have always focused on technological innovation, creating value for our customers through quality design, optimizing product line processes and integrated and integrated services to achieve a win-win situation. Up to now, the company has passed a series of international authoritative system certifications such as ISO9001, 14001, 18001 and BSCI. We have always been strict with ourselves, strive for excellence in every product and strive for perfection.

In 2015, we took the “artisan spirit” as the core and guiding ideology. With outstanding technical strength and continuous value creation, we have won high recognition from many of the world's top customers. Products are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States, 80% of products exported to Japan in the past six years. Up to now, it has established a market segment of the world's top 500 DHC, Shiseido, Annasu, XO and other major customer groups, including the world's leading cosmetics, wine, watches and clocks and the world's leading food resources. With the influence of these high-quality customers in various industries, we continue to expand our potential customers and gradually expand and strengthen our brand strength and influence in the industry.


因为专注 所以专业




Plastic parts sampling 10 days
Resin parts, metal parts sampling 10 days

2hours fast proofing

Professional design team

4days fast delivery

Strict quality inspection system

4 Certification

Whole package scheme















我们患有强迫症、重度幻想症、完美癖···用心做好设计是我们毕生的追求。或许,你会说给我稍微弄一弄就好了,Sorry,我们对自己有“奢求”。要做就全力以赴做到最好,我们喜欢挑战全新未知,用热情和远见将品牌带到远方。或许你会说我们是偏执狂,对,那正是我们工作时的模样。我们坚持做最好的设计,创始人全程参与为您创建品牌 ,而非大规模流水线低端作业,我们不会给您华而不实的方案 ,而是运用设计的智慧为您提升品牌价值!

The luxury R&D design center only focuses on the design of the brand. Committed to providing high-demand customers who focus on "corporate image" and "brand temperament" to provide overall image creation and transformation and upgrade design services. Our customers are all over the world, spanning major industries, and the accumulated experience and case will be our most important asset.

We suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, severe fantasies, and perfection. It is our lifelong pursuit to design with heart. Maybe, you will say that it will be nice to give me a little, Sorry, we have a "luxury" for ourselves. If you want to do it, do your best and do your best. We like to challenge the new unknown and bring the brand to the distance with enthusiasm and foresight. Maybe you will say that we are paranoid, yes, that is what we look like when we work. We insist on doing the best design, the founder participates in creating the brand for you, rather than the low-end operation of the large-scale assembly line. We will not give you a flashy solution, but use the wisdom of design to enhance your brand value!



从能用到好用、 从买产品到买体验,我们不再为了炫耀而消费,但我们却开始因为认同而购买。“ 中国要从山寨时代进入品牌时代"、“中国的消费正在升级”、“能用就好的时代已经过去”、“现在流行的是轻奢”,改革开放三十多年过去,中国消费者从当初物资匮乏的年代到如今可以说是想要什么都买得到。


From the whole world, there are three major design countries that are most recognized by the world: 1. Italy, famous for its luxury goods and long-established handicraft industry; 2. Based on large industrial production, with simple price, simple shape without losing natural warmth Scandinavia, and Japan, located in the East, known for its subtractive philosophy and Zen design. If we look closely at the similarities and differences between these three countries and regions, we can find that behind their so-called design aesthetics, there is actually a solid industrial foundation to support, and less than the impact of manufacturing.

From being able to use it, from buying a product to buying a product, we no longer consume it for show-off, but we start to buy it because of our approval. "China wants to enter the brand era from the era of the cottage", "China's consumption is upgrading", "the era of good use has passed", "now popular is light luxury", more than 30 years of reform and opening up, Chinese consumers From the time when the material was scarce, it can be said that I want to buy everything.

As a "world factory", China's manufacturing industry has never lacked technology. What China lacks is "ingenuity and creation." We believe that domestic products can be "good and complete". We insist on doing business in a "love" and doing quality in a "price-performance ratio". .


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